Progress stops for nobody

Do you see that? That little arrow on my videos, this thing? ▶

I went ahead and added it. I don’t really like it. I know it’s a video, no need for a play button. It just adds clutter, doesn’t it. But other people might not know what’s a video and what’s a still image here. So I thought I’d give them a little visual hint.

Here’s where app programming comes in. I’ve learned a lot in the last months about user feedback. It turns out that sometimes the users are actually right, and adding this little feature, that little helper function… sometimes it improves things a lot. More than you would have expected as a designer.

Somebody requested a feature for the Doki reader: “Please add a zoom function for images”. Meh. Just turn the phone to switch to panorama view. If it still doesn’t fit, it’s too large for that small screen anyway. But then I added it, and I love it. I’m using the zoom thingy all the time now. Works great for webcomics.

Sometimes the users know better.

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