Path of Exile Incident Reports

If you follow me on Steam or Twitter you might have noticed that I fancy wasting time on Path of Exile. The game itself is an oddball, but what I find to be noteworthy is the way the company handles technical screwups. They’re doing that in a professional way that is just above and beyond any other game company.

Take a look at this. It’s an incident report of a bug with the game servers from today. They meticulously catalogue what happened, why it happened, what the symptoms were, what they did when they learned about the problem and how they fixed it. They provide details on the technical structure of their server setup and the inner workings of the game and how they were affected by the bug.

And most importantly (and this part really gets me), they fully disclose how they’re at fault and what they are going to do to prevent it from happening in the future. This is just so unheard of in today’s game industry, and if I’d ever have to put a finger on why I am supporting this game, it would be exactly this.

This is a tiny game company from New Zealand that has absolutely mastered the art of creating customer trust. They’re giving away their game for free and letting people play it for free on their servers, and yet people are willing to pay money on pointless cosmetic items that have zero effect on the gameplay just to support them. This is what having the balls to say you screwed up and that you’re taking responsibility for it actually gets you.

People might love or hate PoE for what it is, but the company behind it truly deserves credit for being fair to their customers.

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