Operation Bubble – Good news, everyone!

Is there such a thing as “bad news”?

Let’s say that the primary purpose of news is to inform the recipient of things relevant to him, so he can adjust his decisions to affect a personal outcome. A secondary purpose would be education.

World news consists of mostly negative narratives – war, scandals, failing politics, accidents, disasters. While the majority of it might be irrelevant to us personally, we’re still affected by the negative emotions evoked, eventually leading to indifference and cynicism.

This is why habitual consumption of world news for entertainment purposes might be a bad idea.

Now, being well-informed and educated about daily events is obviously important. However, I find that, considering the downsides, it is also important to find a way to focus on news that are of relevance to me.

It’s time to toss out the “McNews” and look for relevant and educating information.

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