Operation Bubble et cetera

Taking a step back from news media consumption is interesting – it makes you notice certain patterns.

There seem to be two main branches of news reporting. One is about products and is overwhelmingly positive. The other one is about incidents and is mostly negative. Both are generally irrelevant and thus worthless if you don’t bother for the emotional kick.

And then there’s the third branch which is opinion pieces and editorials, which boils down to people writing about their emotions on a subject. They aren’t personally affected. They have no technical insight on the subject. They write because they’re getting paid for it and they’re getting paid for it because they’re good with writing something that stirs up their readers’ emotions.

The whole shebang has some comical aspects to it, but does little for understanding the world we live in.

The key for valuable news must be in choosing my news sources wisely, and the way to do that will be to pick and choose from sources with a well defined relevancy focus. So that’s what’s up next.

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