Bubble, Shmubble

Two weeks ago or so, Reddit changed something with the way they resolve their subreddit addresses. I don’t remember what this was about, but it broke the filter function of the RES extension. Now, the RES extension is a plugin that I use to filter out all the annoying crud and it’s the only way to make Reddit worthwile.

So this thing broke, and I ended up with all the news headlines I had been filtering out over the last months. It was interesting. And it confirmed my decision to abstain the news.

To wrap Operation Bubble up: Constant exposure to daily news changes a hypothetical detriment of missing out on important events for a very real detriment of depressive brainwash and propaganda. It’s a question of personal preference. I’ve learned that both options are valid, and which one is more to my liking.

Ars Technica turns out to be a decent source of relevant information. Twitter is useful for learning things straight from the horse’s mouth, because you can follow directly what people have to say who actually have something to say. There are so many good blogs and microblogs. I like this Internet thing, we might have something good going on there.

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