Anime Gems: Aiura

Three highschool girls. No plot. Short episodes. Nothing happens.

Aiura is anime zen.

Don’t be fooled by the flashy opening. This show is calm and soothing and uplifting. Each episode is like a haiku. Highschool girl slice-of-life, distilled down to its essence. Each of the handful of scenes per episode closes with its own little punchline, sometimes nonsensical, sometimes philosophical.

The artwork is adorable, the scene backdrops are beautiful little pieces of art on their own. The voice acting is toned down from the usual over-the-top anime style to a casual, almost natural way.

Watch this show like you would enjoy some fine sweets, one piece at a time, or just binge on it and regret how quickly it’s gone. Either way is worth it.

Bonus: The original opening, which inexplicably features Steve Jobs and crabs.

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